Sunday, 28 May 2017

Heart to endure

Everything has a beginning and has an ending, but what needed is the heart to let the transformation take places from a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

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Frds to crush

Sometm our frds bcm our we hrdly confess .We enjoy one sided love till they come to know, if accptd a heavn else a hell...hre the extract of the poem from my book@Tides of Thought"
Soul of Legacy
Ah! I am glad to hear,
Though painful for my ears to hear
You have found someone else;
A perfect guy, better than me,
After I was dejected for being rejected.
But I hold myself to lead my life
And to your love, I am just a silent onlooker,
To be an admirer
And be happy in your happiness.
What the day may come,
‘cause when love is pure and from the heart,
Never knows hatred, jealousy and don’t get hurt
And send my love to your lover
Keep him happy, never break his heart.
          .... Tides of Thoughts

Friday, 5 May 2017

Tides of Thoughts

Here is the link for my book ," Tides of Thoughts....

I am delighted  but  still there's creeps a doubt and fear  in my mind that who will read my book,  how the readers will react or feel , will I be able to make them enjoy my poems and will I be able to do something for the society  through my writings as I am helpless  to the poor,  orphan, oldage , downtrodden, unasked ; having hardly any worldly materials to present and support them apart from my only prayer, and what about the woman' respect and security?
So I tried through my write up to do something for the society through my book, "Trying to creat ripples on the pond, stream and river if not on the lake and ocean"

# Tides of Thoughts-My 1st Anthology of poetrya
Available on Amazon

Pre-order started from 03.5.17
And ends on 17.5.17

# The book has all the emotions- Love, romance, respect, gratitude,plea to Almighty, personal, more
# Trying to creat ripples on the pond, stream and river  if not on the lake and ocean