Sunday, 7 May 2017

Frds to crush

Sometm our frds bcm our we hrdly confess .We enjoy one sided love till they come to know, if accptd a heavn else a hell...hre the extract of the poem from my book@Tides of Thought"
Soul of Legacy
Ah! I am glad to hear,
Though painful for my ears to hear
You have found someone else;
A perfect guy, better than me,
After I was dejected for being rejected.
But I hold myself to lead my life
And to your love, I am just a silent onlooker,
To be an admirer
And be happy in your happiness.
What the day may come,
‘cause when love is pure and from the heart,
Never knows hatred, jealousy and don’t get hurt
And send my love to your lover
Keep him happy, never break his heart.
          .... Tides of Thoughts

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